November 14, '18 
The Right Guides Make Great Tours!


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About Us

IsraelGuides.Org is dedicated to helping potential travelers to Israel to connect directly with expert guides and travel services in Israel. Israeli guides are highly trained and are licensed by the government of Israel. We seek to assist you in finding the most appropriate Israel guide for your needs and interests. You will find here hundreds of guides with varying specialties, experience, background and languages, as well as different modes of luxury and/or all-terrain transportation, from small tour cars to family size vans to large buses.


We are happy to help you identify and solve your travel-in-Israel questions. WELCOME to IsraelGuides.Org!




Sharing tours: People come from all over the world for this. Will it work?
No chance. Most people prefer a regular private tour.
Maybe. It's an interesting option, and we should try it. The price is lower, for sure.
Yes, it's a great idea! It gives unlimited options for a tour.

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