September 20, '54 
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Testimonials - Ronen Ben Moshe
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Verified by at 27/05/2011
Hi Ronen,

I am sorry that I missed you when we got to Tel Aviv Airport yesterday. I spoke to Egal (is that the right spelling) but I missed you in the scramble to get the suitcases. I know that Lynne managed to speak to you but I just wanted to thank you for the way in which you guided our tour from Cumbria. We all had the opinion that you are a special person, gracious with your clients, humourous, knowledgeable, respectful where your beliefs may conflict with others and totally professional. A trip to the Holy Land is special but you made it extraordinarily so. Thank you so much for all that you did for the Carlisle Diocese Pilgrimage "blue bus". We will never forget you and hopefully, if God spares us to return one day, we may see you again. We will certainly be spreading the good news about Israel and how amazing a country it is to visit. God bless you and your family. If you are ever in this country and want to see Lakeland and need somewhere to stay and guide you and your family then give us a call, we mean that! Regards and God bless!

Left by: Bill Wright
From: Cumbria, UK
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Verified by at 19/06/2010
Excellent!!! We have received a very comprehensive and well rouned tour of both the Old and the New Jerusalems. Ronen is very friendly, very knowledgeble, and gave us a great tour to remember.

Jennifer and Dmitry, Boston MA, USA

Left by: Dmitry Merzon
From: USA
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