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Testimonials - Yosef  Gluzman
You can read online testimonials for our guides and leave your testimonial if you have used their services (we do not publish e-mail). All online testimonials are verifed by IsraeliGuides staff.
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Verified by at 16/12/2010
I have been to Israel and visited Jerusalem many times. Apparently, I did not see anything until I met Josef. His passion for history and knowledge on diverse subjects are comparable only to his love to his country. In a matter of a day I learned so much and was touched so deeply, that I hope it will stay with me for the rest of my life and I´ll be able to pass some of what I learned from Josef to my children. Truly remarkable and very generous man! You will not be sorry if you are lucky to book his time. (The excursion was in Russian.)
Leonard Lev, Glastonbury, CT USA

Left by: Lev Leonard
From: Glastonbury, CT, USA
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Verified by at 26/01/2009
Уважаемый Йосеф

Большое спасибо за очень интересную экскурсию по Иерусалиму!

Особенно нам понравилось путешествие по подземному
городу, по древним водоводам и захватывающий рассказ об история города в Вашем исполнении.

С уважением
Туристы из Латвии

Left by: Алексндр Бурилов
From: Кекава, Латвия
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No chance. Most people prefer a regular private tour.
Maybe. It's an interesting option, and we should try it. The price is lower, for sure.
Yes, it's a great idea! It gives unlimited options for a tour.

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